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Very important, please follow the instructions Thanks    Directions Learning Objective: Integrate knowledge from other disciplines when assessing the role of the nurse as a leader. All discussion questions should be in APA format with proper in-text citations.  Students are required to answer each discussion question with a minimum of 350 words and respond to at least two classmates or instructor feedback.  Discussion Prompt(s) Lucille Brown is a nurse manager on a 26-bed critical care unit for a major teaching hospital in New York. She is “relationship- and people-oriented” type manager. Nurse Brown encourages and facilitates group discussion and group decision making. Teamwork is the focus for all projects on her unit, and she provides needed resources to the team. Nurse Brown makes sure that everyone has a role and input into decision making. · What style of leadership does Nurse Brown seem to exhibit most of the time? · In what situations may this leadership style be inefficient? · What type of leadership style do you prefer your supervisor to use? Why do you find that style most appealing? Respond to at least two classmates. Response One: What style of leadership does Nurse Brown seem to exhibit most of the time? Democratic leadership is a form of leadership in which group members take a more active role in decision-making. Moreover, the democratic leader is in charge of determining who belongs in the party and who gets to participate in decision-making. Researchers have discovered that one of the most powerful leadership styles is democratic leadership, which leads to improved efficiency, greater contributions from group members, and increased group morale (Cherry & Morin, 2020). Nurse Brown obviously uses the Democratic style of leadership. This is shown by her conduct, in which she ensures that there is a group dialogue and decision-making process. Nurse Brown Teamwork, according to the case, ensures that everyone on the unit has a job and has a say in decision-making. This is a key characteristic of democratic leadership, in which everyone in the team’s feedback is required and highly valued. In what situations may this leadership style be inefficient? In situation whereby the democratic leadership style requires extra time to implement a decision Because there are so many direct reports involved in the decision-making process, it takes more time and money to make the best decision. If this method is inefficient, it will stifle efficiency and slow down the workflow. When opposed to having a leader making decisions quickly, this downside may also leave workers feeling more anxious with their team (Editor in Chief, 2019). When leadership style in ineffective during crisis situations. Though If there is enough time to build an informational database from an entire team of direct reports, democratic leadership works incredibly well. When a company is dealing with a crisis, the time it takes to gather input from each employee becomes a hindrance because it extends the time it takes to implement resources. Even leaders who are faced with making an immediate decision may be unable to do so because they are used to including their staff or fellow managers in the process (Editor in Chief, 2019). What type of leadership style do you prefer your supervisor to use? Why do you find that style most appealing? In my own opinion, I think democratic style is good because this type of leadership involves everyone in the decision-making process, which can improve team morale, job satisfaction, and commitment (Schultz, 2021). Though sometimes one can induce autocratic leadership style because if there is emergency situation or crisis and action were needed immediately then this autocratic style can be helpful when quick decisions must be made. The leader makes decisions unilaterally, without consulting any of the other group members. This autocratic style can be helpful when quick decisions must be made (Schultz, 2021). References Cherry k. & Morin A., (2020). The Democratic Style of Leadership, VeryWellMind. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.) Editor in Chief., (2019). Advantages and Disadvantages of Democratic Leadership Style, ConnectUS. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.) Schultz Howard., (2021). How to Be an Effective Leader: 8 Styles of Leadership, MasterClass. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.) Response one: Nurse Brown exhibits a democratic type of leadership most of the time. A democratic leader encourages team decision-making where every member has an equal chance to participate in making decisions (The 5 Leadership Styles, n.d.). She acts as a leader by directing other members and giving them a chance to express their ideas and opinions on different occasions. Thus, it makes every individual happy because they are not left out in decision-making. The leadership style is efficient in instances where she has to work with individuals from different cultures and Ethnicities, those with mental issues, people who lack critical thinking skills, those with communication barriers, and less time (The 5 Leadership Styles, n.d.). For instance, if members are not speaking the same language, it might be challenging to coordinate them and ensure that they engage in making decisions. People from different cultures have different beliefs, which might collide when implementing a team decision. People with mental issues cannot engage well in decision-making because they are not in the correct state of mind. Some people lack critical thinking skills, which makes them make illiterate decisions. It can affect the group decision at large because the decision-making is not the best. Working with different patients and people brings about diversity which affects how decisions are made. It makes a democratic type of leadership inefficient in the situations. I prefer an authoritative style of leadership in a supervisor. An authoritative leader is visionary and encourages members to follow in their footsteps. It will make the supervisor confident because followers rely on them to establish the right direction. The leader also encourages the members along the way to ensure no one is left behind (The 5 Leadership Styles, n.d.). It is the most appealing leadership style because the leader is in control while ensuring that members are in the right direction. Members stay confident in their leader. Reference: “The 5 Leadership Styles You Can Use & How to Implement Each.” IMD Business School, (Links to an external site.) Reply


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