Nursing assignment 1112

  1. Choose one of the articles posted and read thoroughly. 2. Identify the theoretical framework used in the article you chose. 3. Go the reference section of the article and Identify/select at least one primary source and one secondary source (articles) that also used the theoretical framework. 4. Now, search the electronic database such as Gale-Infotract on LIRN, CINAHL, or ProQuest to identify the primary and secondary source articles you selected. Post a brief review the abstracts of the primary source and secondary source in the article you chose.  The article is attached at the bottom read it and answer the questions in essay style. APA format    The article(You need to tell which article that you are discussing) talks more about the three domains that surround the nursing profession the satisfaction of nurses during work progress, nursing work environment, and quality of nursing care that is given. These domains are studied to come up with a way forward in providing a very comprehensive and quality delivery (Liaschenko, J. (1995). This write-up provides a clear relationship between the nurses and the organization that is found in this sector, example NSW health organizations. The interaction between the nurses and these organizations is important as it allows the organizations to study the needs of the nurses and providing a better environment. This writes up is concerned with the studies of how the environment for nurses has raised a major issue that compromises the nurses’ satisfaction. The satisfaction of nurses comes from the environment where nurses work from, leading to a perfect job. This study also provides valuable insights that conclude that the changes in the practice environment of the nurse come with a positive impact on the job of the nurse whereby he/she performs better that is a result of satisfaction. You never stated the framework used in the article: I suspect you are discussing “Investing n Human Relations….? which used the Structure- Process- Outcome (SBO) paradigm/model. This is stated in the article. The literature also gives an analysis of the relationship between the three domains determining the satisfaction of the nurses. The three domains include the nursing practice environment, job satisfaction, and the quality of nursing care as a single-dimensional. The research is saying that the three Domains are mutually dependent on one another therefore, effects that come as a result of one can cause harm to the other factors. It has been Witten in this article that the services provided by nurses who are working in an unfavorable environment may end up providing fair or poor health care. Therefore the nurses must be provided with a very conducive environment to enable them to come up with greater services that can be liked and help the patients. The research of this paper was done in the year 1999 up to 2010 but there were no findings that could explain the three domains that is nursing practice environment, job satisfaction, and equity of nursing care in reciprocal directions (Castle 2006). The nursing practice environmental changes are drawn without the proper consideration of how each domain can affect each other. The change in the healthcare system will also raise issues whereby the nurses tend to believe that these changes will have effects on the effectiveness, efficiency, and timeliness of the patients’ health care. The article also says that despite all changes from the restructuring of the health system, the nurses are still getting problems at work, facing hostility, injuries, and verbal abuse. This statement makes it clear that there is a need for us to study the possible improvements in the three domains. The purpose of this paper is to reveal the possible relationship between the three domains Primary source_ you were required to name a primary source used in the article which you did not name and provide an electronic link for the primary source with a summary of the abstract. This was not completed. Download the assignment to a word doc and complete the categories for discussion. This source provides the strategies for analyzing the qualitative data that is used in health services research (Fylan F, 2005). These include data designing of data to come up with the relevant information that is used in the analysis. The analysis is done by using data that is collected. This data analysis can lead to practical approaches that are very important to the research. There is also a description approach of data analysis that applies the use of inductive reasoning that provides guidance and directions for data analysis and interpretation. Qualitative inquiry can help to break down the complex analysis phenomena in the health services researches. Secondary source+ same problem here as noted with primary source. Follow the directions. The relationship between the three domains that are; nursing practice environment, job satisfaction, and quality of nursing healthcare has been explored by many studies to provide a superior health delivery by nurses (Bradley EH, Curry LA, Devers KJ, 2007). This literature reveals that the relationship between the three domains is one dimensional that has resulted in the structural changes in the nursing environment to meet the nurses’ needs. The paper comes with the reciprocal evidence in the relationships between the domains regarding the NSW health organization. This research was conducted through questionnaires that provided the results of how the nurse’s interactions with the administrations impacted the relationships between the three domains. References Liaschenko, J. (1995). Faithful to the good: Morality and philosophy in nursing practice.Missing some criteria here- is this a book or journal article? Castle, N. G., Degenholtz, H., & Rosen, J. (2006). Determinants of staff job satisfaction of caregivers in two nursing homes in Pennsylvania. BMC Health Services Research, 6(1), 1-11. Fylan F. Chapter 6: Semi-structured interviewing. In J. Miles & P. Gilbert (Eds.), A Handbook of Research Methods for Clinical and Health Psychology New York, USA: Oxford University Press; 2005. Bradley EH, Curry LA, Devers KJ. Qualitative data analysis for health services research: developing taxonomy, themes, and theory. Health Services Research. 2007;42(4):1758-72.  Can you please the fix it she commented on what needs to be fixed it underlined 


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