Nursing assignment 1009

I need a response to the following peers:  PEER 1 .  My name is ———- I have been practicing nursing for many years. What I have come to recognize through experience is that what people or even literature consider to be a preserve for advanced practice is essentially what is demanded in everyday nursing practice to offer comprehensive and quality care. This demand has been accelerated by the changing dynamics and demands in health care include an increase in population that also cause increase in primary and other healthcare services, inefficient healthcare, rise of chronic conditions, high costs of care, knowledgeable population demanding better care, and prolonged lifespan that is creating a high population of aged people with chronic ailments (Hillb & Parkera, 2017).  To address the emerging issues, nurses must have the ability to tackle complex cases through complex decision-making spanning across the many system levels from clinical to organizational to political level, serve in leadership and consultancy capacity, support innovation and promote evidence-based practice. They should also be able to collaborate with other healthcare professions and to navigate the intricacies of the current healthcare system to offer the best care possible. These are the roles of an advanced practice nurse role that affords them greater control when providing direct and indirect clinical care. They can only be executed by acquiring an advanced practice major. As Hillb and Parkera (2017) notes, advanced practice nurses undertake advanced degrees enabling the acquisition of clinical competencies, complex decision making skills, and expert knowledge based for expanded practice to enable them practice nursing at a high level. I believe that is why I chose an advanced practice major.  The role of FNPs as is the case of most NPs in primary care has become apparent. As …highlights, this is in terms of providing primary care services in remote/rural areas, providing primary care practices equal to the standards of physicians and meeting the high demand of primary care services from the general population attributed to strides in universal coverage (Barnes, Richards, McHugh, & Martsolf, 2018). EBP is a key driver of improved patient outcomes by helping come up with the most current, best working interventions. Nonetheless, it is not a standalone factor; it must be supported by proper leadership, collaboration, scholarship, resources, organizational culture and cost effectiveness. In addition to this, FNPs should have traits for successful NPs. These include emotional stability, problem solving skills, interpersonal skills, attention to details, tenacity and having a mind of inquiry. Woo, Lee and Tam (2017) research shows that allowing advanced nurses, including FNPs more control over providing direct care to maximize on them result in better quality of care, coordination of care and clinical outcomes.  Peer 2.  The health of the population is the most valuable achievement of society, so the preservation and strengthening of it is an important task in which everyone should participate. Numerous health care nurses are assigned one of the major roles in this task. Nursing practice requires fundamental knowledge in many areas of medicine, but in addition to this, specificity and advanced skills significantly increase the quality of medical care provided (DeNisco, 2019). Thus, the professional level and knowledge of a nurse directly affect the well-being of patients, and advancing is critically needed.   A nurse is an integral part of any medical process involving interaction with a patient. Nurses provide assistance both individually and within the clinic. Due to a recent shortage of primary care physicians, practicing nurses can help meet the increasing demand for primary care by taking responsibilities as primary care providers (Poghosyan et al., 2017). Consequently, the importance of the nursing role in primary care in the family is also undeniable because it allows providing quality care at the outpatient level  All modern, and most importantly, effective medicine is based on up-to-date data and techniques. It is evident that nursing practice cannot be an exception. Since the 1970s, nursing science has grown, and the appearance of various projects (e.g., Nursing Child Assessment Satellite Training project, 1981) allowed to implement an evidence-based approach in the workflow (LoBiondo-Wood et al., 2018). Currently, this approach is a promising direction in the further development of nursing work as it ensures constant progress in providing quality care.   The role of a nurse in the treatment of a patient, especially in clinics, is difficult to overestimate. Complex work places high demands not only on the knowledge and practical skills of a nurse but also on the moral character, ability to communicate with patients. Particularly, only with a full understanding of the patient’s situation, the real contact is possible between the patient and the nurse, which is essential for successful treatment. It is necessary to understand that a sense of empathy is responsible for all these aspects. Besides, working as a nurse is inevitably stressful and sometimes challenges even the steadiest employees. Conflicts frequently arise during the treatment process, but empathy helps to facilitate nurse-patient communication and also reduce medical conflict or disputes (Wan et al., 2019). Thereby, it is very important to pay attention to personal capabilities and qualities when choosing a professional activity.   Summing it up, a nurse is a competent performer who performs duties according to acquired knowledge and skills. Representatives of this profession face many contradictions and difficulties that must be overcome. These difficulties are not limited to professional responsibilities, but also include personal work. As it is known, any personal work requires a high ability to learn and progress, which is undoubtedly the key to successful nursing practice.  Below is the original assigment, base in it are the response of the peers:  Describe your vision of your role as an AP     Please introduce yourself and tell me why you decided to pursue and Advanced Practice major?    What is the role of the advanced practice nurse?    What is the evidence suggesting regarding the role of FNPs in primary care?    What do you think Family Nurse Practitioners could do differently to improve patient outcomes? Is EBP the answer? Give specific examples.   What do you think are the Skills & Personality Traits to be a  Successful Nurse Practitioner?   Please respond to at least one peer! 


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