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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Case study information system in management.

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From there, the next thing I will do is to create a team of experts that would help me plan and reorganize the system with in the department. I would use the Gantt chart to lay out my proposed schedule to administer the reorganizing of staff and revising of the system in order to revive what the department has lost both in finances and clients. At the same time having the Gantt chart will help the department be able to know (in detail) what are the steps that we are about to do and we know what we need to accomplish and when we should be able to accomplish it.

The Pert Chart is also necessary especially for the reorganization of the information system. In one of the seminars or trainings that I plan to hold as part of the reconstruction of the department, I would provide them the Pert Chart to show them the concrete steps that is needed in information system. This way, the staff would be able to understand that each steps under the Pert Chart is significant and also they would be able to understand and realize that all of them would need to follow the steps accordingly.


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