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Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Multiple Raters.

The raters may be other employees at the same work level, the manager, and the customers. All the provided information should then be analyzed and evaluated to prevent disparities from some of the employee relationships. An evaluation process should cater for other factors that may affect the credibility to generalize the results on an individuals performance. Statistical aspects such as Kappa and intra-class correlation may be used to measure the score reliability (Fisher, Weiss and Dawis, 1968). The main procedure in multiple raters is to gather information from various sources in the working environment, and then use the statistical models to generalize and validate the score. It will reduce chances for error during and after the analyzing of results.

There are various implications that may come up due to multiple raters and especially in workplaces to rate job performance. One of them is that if the first source is biased, it may lead to non-credible scores. For example, evaluation of job performance in highly ranked workers from multiple workers in lower ranks may prove futile due to group culture that may have homogeneous


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