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Of the two, the latter is more influential since different people in a society may belong to different religions, yet they share the same culture. Since political ideology finds its roots in the religious and cultural concerns of the people, and religion and culture generally remain unchanged over the course of time, so does the political ideology. Ideologies may or may not be vehicles of individual and societal progress. It depends upon the sagacity of the society’s culture, though ideologies are definitely instruments of influence and power. The common opinion of a large body of public becomes weighty and influential and serves as a scale upon which the policies of government are evaluated. This can be estimated from the fact that in a conservative society with the domination of religion, sex education in schools is condemned by the public at large, whereas in an avant-grade society, people encourage the delivery of sex education in schools in order to inculcate awareness in children so that their susceptibility towards sexual diseases is reduced. Likewise, the level of exposure in media is looked at through the religious microscope.


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