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Please translate these sentences.

Question:Please Translate the following sentences to complete Spanish sentences.1. During my trip to Columbia, I visited Bogota, the capital of Colombia.2. I also went to the coffee regions of Cartagena where I drank coffee.3. Lastly, I visited the Rosario Islands where I saw giant reefs and beautiful fish.4. I also saw the Amozonia. It has the longest river in the world and is surrounded by tropical forests.5. During my trip to Venezuela, I visited the capital of Venezuela, Carcas.6. It is modern, and a technologically advanced city.7. I hiked around the national park named Me’danos de Coro.8. It was covered with huge natural sand dunes.9. Venezuela and Columbia are wonderful cities.10. I went on a fantastic trip to learn about Columbia and Venezuela.11. The vistas were beautiful to look at.12. While I traveled in Columbia, I swam in the Caribbean beaches and hiked through the Tayrona National Park.13. While I traveled in Venezuela, I went windsurfing and walked through the caves.14. The activities at Columbia and Venezuela gave me time to explore and visit many historical monuments. 15. I had to write my family and tell them about my diving experience in Columbia.


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