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is vested on Mercy Family Services which delegates the same to the executive director and the nine heads of department, then the junior and auxiliary staff. The formalisation of the organisation’s operations and culture is attested by the existence of these hierarchical and organisational structures: the structures speak of a formality that has persisted for a while and has been embedded into an organisation’s operational psyche (Jones & May, 1992, p. 202 & Karabanow, J. 2004, pp. 55-7).

One of the classical, organic and alternative organisations that service my local region is the Leukemia Foundation of Queensland. Unlike other organisations such as Mercy Family Services, Brisbane, the Leukemia Foundation of Queensland heavily depends on the power of personalities, relations and initiatives in leadership to motivate an energise the society to rise up in the war on leukemia. The similarity between the two organisations is that both are non-governmental organisations that are more informed by the need to deliver social good than making profit (Roff, 2004, pp.


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