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Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Reviewing the logical fallacy terms for hasty/sweeping generalization, false cause, or false analogy, can you find fault with the argument.

What terrorism can be used to refer is a situation when someone creates terror by a use of coercion. They are acts that intend to create fear with intended goals. Terrorism does not have to be a political violence only. there are terrorism acts that are economically charged.The terrorist at this point wants to instill fear for no political reasons. Quasi-terrorism for instance lacks essential ingredient of terrorism. The terrorist has no intentions of creating terror to the victim but uses the techniques of genuine terrorism to instill fear into the victim (Rodin).

What this definition is trying to tell us is that the government is not the sole reason for terrorism, to instill fear into the state. The act does also need really call for revenge to any previous acts that was done to the terrorist as the definition indicates. The perpetrators of terrorism have various reasons for their actions. Some actions of terrorism are religious. these kinds are executed on religious grounds. They are embedded in faith


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