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In this course, you will be using the tools of intercultural rhetoric to identify a problem in your community that needs solving and propose a way to address that problem.

Steven Johnson’s TED Talk “Where Good Ideas Come From” explores how people can generate ideas through conversations with others. http:// reviewing Steven Johnson’s TED Talk and this week’s reading “The Rhetoric of Community Engagement,” tell the class what stood out to you as the most important elements of ethical communication and collaborating with others to generate ideas.

  • Then, find a persuasive TED talk and tell the class about it. Be sure to provide the link to the TED talk that you watched and key identifying details like the author, title, and main argument of the speaker.
  • Explain why you selected this persuasive TED Talk and how it illustrated effective persuasive communication. How did the TED speaker that you watched convince the audience of his or her position?
  • Wrap up your post with an open-ended question for your classmates to respond to when they reply to your post.
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