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Gapminder data analysis.

a. Watch the video at Summarize the video in 4-5

sentences. What were the most interesting or surprising facts ?

 (Other videos

there are also very interesting: go to Before you proceed, use YOUR OWN judgement to answer the following question: Which country today has the lowest death rate during the 1st year of life (i.e. infant mortality): Singapore, Sweden or Venezuela? Then in the graph for Y-axis select: “Infant mortality rate (per 1,000 births)”, and for X-axis select “time”. From the list of the countries, select Singapore, Sweden, Venezuela, AND one other country of your choice. Press play.

b. Describe the data you observe, contrasting the outcomes in the four countries.

c. Try to provide brief explanations for these outcomes.

d. What is your prediction about how future outcomes will evolve in those countries? Why?

e. (Important!) Using the Gapminder application, choose any two variables for the axes that you

find of interest and run the application (you can choose specific countries or look at all of

them). Describe your choice and the observations you have made analysing the data.


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