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Goodness or lack of goodness in a person determines people’s view towards immorality. In this relation, it is usual for a bad person or a person who has been considered as immoral to engage in immorality. On the other hand, it is unusual for a good person to engage in immoral behavior. The society judges individuals according to their perceived behavior. In this judgment, every individual is classified as either a good or a bad person. Good people are judged more harshly for every wrong act committed than bad people are.

In the second interpretation, the decline to immorality of a good person is similar to a slander. Good people are the models of every society, everyone in the society want to act and live their life as they do. Their decline into immorality not only affects their reputation but also the reputations of those who look upon them. In addition good people judge themselves harshly for every immorality they commit. Dorian case illustrates this claim effectively. After committing murder, Dorian hated himself and his image. this made him to commit suicide after stabbing his


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