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Participate in a Culture Walk:

One way to observe the culture in your organization is to take a walk through the building to look at some of the signs of culture. For example: How is space allocated? Where are the offices located? Are supervisors located on the top floors or integrated throughout with the other employees? These types of nonverbal cues give a glimpse of the accepted culture of the organization.

For this project, apply concepts of culture as discussed in the reading. Remember, although this project asks for your experience and insights, its main objective is for you to apply the text readings and course concepts to your day to day life within an organization. Do not forget to add text material to support your points and cite your sources with in text citations and a Reference page in proper APA format. The essay should be 700-800 words and include the following elements with details, explanations and examples using the text material to support points.

  1. Explain which of the three main approaches to organizational culture covered in the reading (practical, interpretive, critical- postmodern) would fit best to describe the culture of your organization.


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