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Hi, I need help with essay on World Literature. Don Quixote & Doctor Faustus. Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

While one was ruled by greed (Doctor Faustus), other was ruled by a passion for chivalry (Don Quixote). Thus the basic plots of these stories, and the enduring images presented in them exhibit the protagonists’ single minded pursuits. This forms one of the distinguishing expressions of the Western men. Each of them embodies an arte and a hubris, an exceptional prowess and a vitiating excess, in spheres of action that are particularly important to our culture (Ian Watt, Pg. viii). Though both the men are of extraordinary temperaments, Don Quixote is more appealing of the two characters and more realistic. He is a real man of flesh and blood, an idealistic and a romantic. He would continue to grow in history as long as chivalry and love pervades. On the other hand, Faust resembles more of an idea. He is a fanatic, a genius who has sold his soul to the devil in a bid to gain supreme knowledge and power for twenty four years. Don Quixote wins our pity and scorn but Faust earns only our resentment. No one sympathizes with him when he meets his cruel end.


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