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A. Encoding and decoding signals 

Note: You need to embed screenshots of your plots and include the links generated by sharing your solution from the Desmos online graph plotting tool (as introduced in the lab and available at: https:// Using the images provided to answer the questions below.

1. Modulation – Analog signals 

You need to download your individualized assignment parameters from Moodle. They contain two sets of encoding tables and encoded signals, A and B. For each of these, do the following: 

a) Identify the type of encoding (FM, AM, PM, or combinations of these) and the size (in bits) of each symbol in the encoding. 

b) Draw the constellation diagram for the encoding (except if the encoding is FM). 

c) Draw the wave form for each symbol. 

d) Demodulate the given signal (i.e., give the bit sequence that it represents). 

2. Digital encoding 

The bit sequence C needs to be transmitted as a digital signal. Design an encoding, state the encoding rules (as a table), and plot the digital signal for the encoding schemes below. 

a) bipolar non return to zero inverted (NRZI) 

b) Manchester encoding 


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