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One way that experts analyze conditions in emerging markets is through the use of economic indicators. The Market Potential Index (MPI) is a yearly study conducted by the Michigan State University Center for International Business Education and Research (MSU.CIBER) to compare emerging markets on a variety of dimensions. Analyzing the 2017 MPI Table, in 2-3 paragraphs provide a description of the three indicators that would have greater importance for a company that markets laptops. For answering the question, you must analyze the different Political and Economic Systems and its elements to decide which of the indicators listed at the top of the MPI table you believe are the most important for marketing laptops. For this assignment, students must access global EDGE at Once on the webpage, you will click on the MPI link at the top left of the page and then click the 2017 MPI link at the top right of the page then scroll down to the middle of the page and click on the View MPI Table link to answer the following question:Considering the MPI rankings, which two developing countries would you advise a laptop company to enter first? and why?


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