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For example, food, air, and water are physiological needs. One needs to have these essentials of life in order to survive. Only after one remains alive can one struggle to be safe.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory is suitable to be used mostly because all human needs can generally be placed in one of the five basic needs’ levels identified by Maslow. The best part of this theory is that it explains that if an employee is not displaying best performance, there can be certain underlying factors that may not necessarily be directly related to the workplace that need to be addressed first. Another very good feature of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory is that it places the five needs in different levels, each having its own level of importance. This helps the management streamline its efforts to address workers’ needs according to their priority as suggested by the pyramid. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs guides management on how to reward individual employees depending upon which level of need different employees find unmet and are motivated


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