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Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Extream leader.

Their main traits are their tenacity, positive attitude and humility. They welcome other people’s opinion and views. They are capable of turnaround strategy through sheer force of will, flexibility and desire to find the solution.

McDonald’s, Apple, Citibank, Amazon etc. have extreme leaders at the helm.

These companies not only have leadership position in the industry but their innovative ideas and subsequent high growth have made indelible mark in the corporate world. Leaders like, Ray Croc of McDonald’s, Steve Job of Apple, Charles Prince of Citibank and Jeffery Bezos of Amazon, have all been extraordinary in their vision which they had the guts to transform into success. They were all dynamic leaders who accepted challenges and saw opportunities in adversity. They relentlessly pursued and brought their company to the pinnacle of success despite adverse circumstances. Moreover, they were leaders who shared their vision with the workers and appreciated their input. Indeed, these traits are rare and therefore make them the most sought after leaders for companies who want to make a distinct place in the highly volatile


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