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Rhetoric, defined by Aristotle as “the act of finding the possible means of persuasion in reference to any given situation,” plays an integral role in both creating and maintaining false consciousness. It persuades people to accept as true ideas of a society, which are either an “ideal type”, or worse, one that is made up. Hence, rhetoric plays an essential role in the “constitution of meaning.” In this sense, the use of rhetoric becomes a powerful tool of persuasion that could be used ethically or that could corrupt and lead to false consciousness.

This could be illustrated both in the level of the society and in the level of the individual. In the level of society, one can turn to the manner that today’s society views aesthetics and beauty. False consciousness has created an idea of beauty and perfection that is characterized by a slim body, flawless skin, and asymmetrical facial features. Advertising companies and manufacturers of beauty products, in an effort to sell and market their products has instilled in today’s society a very superficial conception of beauty.


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