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Write 1 page essay on the topic Video about environmental science.

This process is known as infiltration. Rainwater permeates through pores in the soil and the bedrock in the process called as percolation. The seeped water later makes source of streams. Then through the process of evaporation, water goes back into the atmosphere in the form of water vapors and the cycle continues. Water also evaporates from leaves of the plants through a process known as transpiration. The video is very informative in general, and gives patent definitions of all terms involved in the water cycle including evaporation, transpiration, condensation, precipitation, infiltration and percolation. The whole water cycle is explained with the help of moving images which enhances the learning. Every second of the video is very informative and not a bit can be missed because every second reveals important information that makes part of the process missing which, the process gets interrupted. The video could have been more informative had the temperatures at which water normally evaporates, transpires and condenses had been discussed! Works Cited: The Earth’s Water Cycle – Environmental Science. YouTube, 2008. Film.


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