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Write 1 page essay on the topic Economic issue.

This is counterproductive to the developing nations whicgh are increasingly implementing free and voluntary education and healthcare provision. This has led to civil unrest due to increasing unemployment and pay cut in an effort to restore IMF’s proposed economic targets. The interest paid back by the borrowers to IMF translates to increased taxation against constant wage rate leading to higher and unaffordable living standard. This forces the citizens to go on strike for increades wages and lower commodity prices.

3. a) There is no European Monetary Union without fiscal union. The micro-economic imbalance in Euro cannot be managed without fiscal union. It is will make the union stable satisfactory finances. The European Monetary Union makes the union greater. Fiscal union is a major move to create great political union. The federal bodies will be administered and a central tax would become a great idea in Europe. With fiscal union the European union will have a united stand, to stop Europe’s decline in global market, an economic union must be formed. This will result to fiscal union that will otherwise raise the Europe


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