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Write 1 page essay on the topic Summaries this video.

The analysis takes place in a sophisticated cyber lab where the process involves documentation of evidence, preservation –using a ray blocker to prevent evidence tempering- examined and extracted. Cases handled include sexual assault cases, stalking cases and domestic violence circumstances.

The video provides 3 scenarios where digital evidence discovery successfully resulted to convictions. The first case involves a woman, Emily Cole and a male casualty. The police are mistaken to think that she is the victim as she claimed during the trial, but upon examination of the prior cell phone recording, it is clear that she had earlier intended to set up the man. The second case involves Luis Gutierrez, who stalks an underage girl. Later photographs are discovered leading to a successful conviction. The third case involves a child pornography culprit,&nbsp.Marciene Sullivan. Sullivan is convicted to serve forty years.

The application of sophisticated technology in criminal investigation in a sense is way of making voices victims of criminal acts be heard, giving closure to traumatic experiences and justice which is so much


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