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Books are not enough anymore due to advances in technology (Brooks, 1949, p.8). This report would discuss some appropriate instructional media for each level of Bloom’s cognitive domain. The first level is knowledge which is often used to recall information or data. The instructional media appropriate for this level are graphics, charts, photographs, and charts. Using symbols can be very helpful in assisting learner’s to recall valuable information. For example, pre-school children can effectively match a word with a certain object or symbol. The suggested media would not take the place of the teacher but only act as an aid or additional resource for learner. The second level of the cognitive domain is comprehension which involves interpretation of information such as following instructions, rewriting information or explaining in one’s own words material that has been read. Audio media such as podcast or student presentation can help learners realize this cognitive domain. If a student can make a power point presentation of a report in class that is very informative, then comprehension is achieved.


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