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6.4.3 Hate Crimes & Cultural Diversity

Due DateThursday, July 12, 201811:59 PM

  1. Assignment Instructions:
    1. Find two articles that explain why hate crimes are committed in the United States (the causes of hate crimes in the U.S.). 
    2. List down the causes given in these two articles (group similar causes together). 
    3. Find two articles that list how we can end hate crimes in the United States. 
    4. List down the suggestions given in these two articles for how we can end hate crimes in the United States. 
    5. CREATE & TURN IN a CHART that lists the causes of hate crimes, next to EACH cause write down the suggestion(s) (from your list of suggestions for how to end hate crimes) that will prevent the cause from happening. 
    6. RESPONSE: Based on your research, respond to the following prompt: Hate Crimes are the result of an individual or groups inability to accept cultural diversity. 
    7. Turn in this Cause-Prevention of Hate Crimes List and your response to the prompt with a list of the internet sources you used.

*** MLA format, no grammer errors. No plagiarism**


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