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All the adjectives are then inserted into a four panelled grid called Johari Window, which represents the person. The four panes represent the following:

The Joharis Window represents that every person is mysterious and there is more to a person than meets the eye. There are things that a person knows about himself, a person does not know about himself, others know about him and others do not know about him. It helps people deal with their negative qualities in a good way. It also helps in building trust by sharing.

In my case, I can use my analysis by the Johari’s Window in a number of scenarios. The open area is best for communication and relations with others. By the expansion of my open area, I am aware of who I am and the others are as well. That enables me and my subject to communicate on the same level and we get each other. In case I am interacting with a new member in the team, the unknown area of the Window is large, as he doesn’t know me and I don’t know him. In case of a person I already know, the open area is larger and the unknown area is relatively


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