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Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Summarize five articles.

The author is entitled to royalties to compensate for his/her work.

Patent is the right to sell and control an invention. Patents are issued by the federal government and are valid for several years after which it becomes void. Patents are given to inventions, industrial designs and model, and know how.

Patent can only be registered by the inventor of the product. The holder of the patent has the right to prevent others from disclosing or using the know-how. If someone infringes these rights, the owner may seek court directions for compensation.

A trademark is a unique mark, logo, slogan, brand name, motto, symbol, device, design or word applied by a manufacturer to distinguish its products from those manufactured by other companies. Trademarks in the UAE are registered so that they can be protected. The period of registration is ten years after which it has to be registered again. The owner of the trademark can give the rights to third party to use the trademark through a notarized contract. Under article 37 p.1, the act of infringing a trademark or passing off is the same and is liable for


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