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Write 1 page essay on the topic The Children’s March.

nion, exemplified two things- that when the rot in the society has reached its peak then no cohort of the society is left unaffected -including the children. Secondly, if the government machinery may be used to the peril of young children then there is nothing worse that society can be ashamed of doing. It is the epitome of irresponsibility on the part of the government authorities to inflict suffering deliberately on children.

After watching this video, I was left reflecting the advances that the American society has undergone in terms of expansion of civil rights space for the colored citizens. Segregation at work or in general American social life has really improved, and though it cannot be said that there is complete liberation of the American society from this grossly disgraceful vice, there is appreciable degree of progress. It was almost a foreboding that in 1963, when this march took place another black child was born in the same racist temperament of the American society. The story of this man, Barrack Obama, the current commander in chief and president of the United States summarizes the history of segregation in


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