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Need help. Choose the following Ethics Problems and answer it to the very best of your ability. These questions are fairly complex, and will require a minimum of 3 full pages (double spaced, not including the title/header) pages to answer completely.

Chapter 2 –Ethics problem “Would you throw the switch?” on Page 44

Philosopher Philippa Foot (1920-2010) devised an ethical thought experiment known as the Trolley Problem. Other philosophers have created variations of this problem and a quick internet search will bring students up to date on the specifics.

 A runaway trolley is speeding toward a group of four or 5 men working on the track. They do not see the trolley coming and will all be killed if no action is taken. You, however, can throw a switch that will divert the trolley to a sidetrack. This will save the workmen, but there is a lone worker who will be killed if you throw the switch. Will you throw the switch? Why or why not?

 After you have discussed the problem, research the “fat man” variation of the trolley problem. Would you push the fat man off the bridge? Why or why not< What are the limits of strict utilitarian thinking?


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