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(A) For a dicarboxylic acid where the two groups are ‘far apart’, using statistical methods show that the ratio of the acid dissociations constants is expected to be 4.

(B) What does it mean to be ‘far apart’ and why is this a requirement? Let’s explore these concepts in more quantitative detail and try to get at the molecular underpinnings of this expected statistical ratio for the acid dissociation constants. Using computationally and/or experimentally determined dissociation constants for a series of dicarboxylic acids, determine how ‘far apart’ the two acid groups need to be in order for them to be reasonably close to the expected statistical ratio.

[(A) Clearly show all steps in the statistical method showing the expected ratio for the acid dissociation constants.

(B) Show all tabulated data and plots. Reference all sources of data used. The final quantitative answer should basically be a ‘greater than’ distance in nanometers (>___ nm). However, one or two sentences should also be given about the molecular R-group requirements associated with this ‘far apart’ restriction and what it means from a molecular standpoint.]


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