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Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: To avoid running late.

23-29) have pointed out that majority of people remember 50% of the things that they observe. however, one remembers 70% of the things if it involves observing, as well as, loud reading.

From this aspect, it is very imperative to plan things before commencing a day, or for a week that helps an individual in avoid running late.

However, although one will be writing the plan by himself/herself, still, it is significant that this practice includes loud reading that is fundamental for remembering things efficiently. Besides planning, ‘move ahead’ is an interesting slogan that can be very helpful in managing time effectively. It is a usual practice of keeping the alarm clock near the bed that may allow the individual to hit the snooze button. however, move ahead inclines a person to keep the alarm clock far away of the bed that will enforce the individual to go & find out the clock, and until then, there would be no sleep left amusingly. Lastly, it is imperative to keep notice of every day habits from shower to breakfast, and such observations allow individuals to divide their ten or twenty minutes in effective


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