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Through their pieces of advice, I also learnt that honesty resulted to a peace of mind (Masud 2). For instance, they claimed that majority of the dishonest people live in fear, and as a result lose their mental peace. Thus, it is evident that honesty eradicates all types of fear alongside enhancing an individual’s calmness as well as establishment of the peace of mind. Through what I have experienced in life, it is also evident that a stable and peaceful mind makes amicable decisions. Thus, honesty is the contributing factor for the making of good decisions as well as living quality life (Masud 3). Although they advocated good results in school, they insisted on production of honest results. In addition to promoting goodwill, my parents also claimed that honesty resulted to the emergence of society respect. This is convincible. all people in businesses as well as organizations work best with honest people. It is also evident that liars find it hard to lead a good life because of the promotion of negativism around them. To lead a success life, I ensure that I have practiced and portrayed this value (honesty) in my


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