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James is a cashier, working for Write Way Stationary Company. He has been late for work several times, but was never spoken to by his manager Julie. On Friday afternoon, Julie called James into her office and notified him that he was fired (terminated) for cause for being late for work. The union and James filed a grievance, citing that the employer had improperly terminated his employment. What are the steps in the grievance process? How do you recommend that the organization resolve this grievance?

Scenario B: After working through the grievance procedure, the matter has still not been resolved. A third party will be needed to resolve this matter. What type of third party intervention do you think is appropriate? Describe the alternatives available and the recommended next step.

Scenario C: After several months of collective bargaining, the parties are at an impasse (which means they are unable to negotiate a mutually agreeable collective agreement). Both the employer and the union have options to apply pressure, to get a deal. If you were the employer, what options are available to apply pressure on the union? What steps would you need to take to implement this action?


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