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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on U.S. History: The Changing Rights of African- Americans (1800-1860). It needs to be at least 250 words.

Then in 1808, the United States as a government banned the importation of slaves from Africa. The trading of slaves from Africa however still continued because the ban was ignored and therefore, the slaves that were imported from 1808 to 1860 were illegal that was estimated to be around 250,000 blacks. Nor did the trade stopped in the domestic trading because slave trading continued until the end of the civil war. This however illustrates the brewing discontent over slavery and the trade of slaves where anti-slave sentiments are growing that is instrumental in changing the rights of the African Americans.

Until in 1854 and 1858 when pro and anti-slavery groups which was funded and supported by North (anti) and South (pro) competed for the control of Kansas Territory that violence broke out and served as the precursor of the Civil War that will formally abolish slavery in the United States. This was the period when the slavery is fought that eventually changed the rights of African-Americans from being slaves to being


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