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1.Identify Poly’s critical success factors and the company’s primary objectives. What types of information might be helpful in evaluating these objectives? Create a mission statement that would be appropriate for Poly.

2.        Develop a formal organizational chart based on the information given.

3.        Analyze the current system and identify specific control weaknesses that must be addressed by a new, improved system. Use SAS 78 as the format for this analysis. As part of your analysis, prepare a document flowchart and a data flow diagram of the current system.

4.        Develop a proposal for a new information system for Poly. Describe the primary features of this new system and explain why this is the best solution for Poly to pursue. Discuss the relevance of such advanced technologies as MRP, MRPII, and EDI as information system options.

5.        Design the new system in detail. The design should contain the following items:

a.        Data flow diagrams describing the system at the context level, intermediate levels, and detailed levels.

b.        A systems flowchart of the new information system, showing automated and manual procedures. 


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