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Write a 2 page essay on If terrorism ever justify.

A review of key studies done regarding terrorism show that it is not an easy topic to discuss much less understand. They point out that terrorism has deep roots in socio-political issues and as such have a great range of motivations and objectives (Edwards). It is for the same reason that the debate on whether terrorism can be justified or not is hard to settle.

In general, most materials have been very critical of terrorist acts, citing their indiscriminate and long-term impact. There are also common assumption about who terrorists are and who are against it. At the same time, Jenkins says that there is an assumption that terrorism is always subversive or against social institutions.

Singh points out that the radical ideas at the core of terrorism are not new or unique. It is considered as a valid military strategy and has been used successfully in many military campaigns among the world’s greatest civilizations (377-379). At the same time, Jenkins points out that in consideration alone of the worldwide response to recent terrorist activities, there is no denying that it can be used against perceived abusers (71).


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