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Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Apple and phinnaeus or julie and david: what’s in name.

Before or after the birth of their loved ones, parents will be greatly interested to come up with an interesting and enticing name for their sons and daughters. Among all the parents, there are certain groups of parents who will be more interested and at the same time even pressurized to come up with apt names,

like parents who are celebrities, who belong to economical and social high stratum, who are professionals and working in White Collar jobs, parents who socially active, etc. This group of parents is the target market for Korwitts and her business

There are many avenues for the parents to find apt names and this includes number of websites, self-help books and videos, personal counselors, etc. “Millions of dollars a year are spent on self help books, magazines, counselors and the list goes on and on.” ( Among all these above mentioned competitive threats to Korwitts’s business, websites could be a major threat because with optimum internet reach, many parents are able to access various free or minimum priced websites to aid them in naming their


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