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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: The Cultural Challenges of Doing Business Overseas.

The main differences between the US and Czech culture are found in food preferences and style of life. In contrast to American consumers, Czech families prefer to eat at home which helps them to save time and money. Fast food and snack bars are not so popular in Czech Republic. The main target audience of Chicago Style Pizza would include young people and students,

middle income families and busy professionals. Cultural differences cover the state of intellectual development of the people and the state of commercial development of the nation. The major risks are underdeveloped fast food culture and strong cultural eating and food patterns. Steve can reduce these risks locating its snack bars in big cities and high populated areas, in business and students centres (Bartlett and Ghoshal 1999).

Country-of-origin image can be positively perceived by Czech consumers. In theory, “country of origin based stereotyping may be universal in nature. however, the degree to which it is applied and the prominence given in the evaluation of the product varies” (Bartlett and Ghoshal 1999, 51).


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