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Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Describe the results of the Black Death.

Land could not be cultivated due to shortage of labor in many countries (Cohn 129).

The Black Death spread very rapidly in Europe china and England. It destroyed the social and economic structure of the countries. Without masons and artisans castles and other buildings remain incomplete for hundreds of years. High wages and less output caused high rate of inflation in Europe. Unity of the Catholic Church was broken apart because people had no faith in church after witnessing the nightmare of Black Death (Ziegler 61).

The blame of plague was laid on the Jewish people as they were living in large numbers. Hundreds of Jews were punished and were made accused of poisoning wells. More than 300 Jewish families were expelled from Germany during the Black Death period (Cohn 134).

Birth rate was largely affected besides other problems. European population was greatly reduced at the end of 13th century. Business was badly hit after the death of debtors and creditors were left answerable to no one. All the construction projects were stopped in Europe and guilds also lost many craftsmen (Cohn


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