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Does iPad really give you the value of your money? I don’t think so. It doesn’t really satisfy a need or necessity it only satisfies the hunger for looking rich! Aside from that, survey showed 10 reasons why you shouldn’t buy an iPad. (1) Minimal selection of external ports, (2) Bluetooth Headset Required to Make Calls, (3) iBookstore Only in the United States, (4) Can Only Download Software from the Applestore, (5) Battery Policy, (6) No Camera, (7) No Widescreen, (8) No Flash Support, (9) No Multitasking and (10) Not Sexy Enough. Indeed iPad is not useful enough and worthy enough for the money you will use to buy it, definitely poor in functionality. Better yet surrender your dreams and aspirations of having one because surely you won’t be able to maximize the usage of it. Plus, the fast-phased release of new technology will make your big bucks investment on iPad logging behind these new gadgets to come. Still want to buy an iPad? Think twice. Reference: Amy Swamson, “10 Reasons The Ipad is Overrated” April 6, 2010, Retrieved April 28, 2011 from http://computersight.


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