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Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Contract & Purchase Negotiation Creating a Deadlock Flinching.

Deadlocks in negotiations can be overcome through the set aside tactic. changing the mood from competitive or resistive to cooperative. introducing deadlines. changing the negotiating team to find conforming match to other party or to ease emotional baggage etc.

Flinching is a manipulative tactic used by offerees in contract negotiations.

No matter how sweet an offer is, offerees would act indignantly to conceal their joy as way to convince the offerors that their offer or proposal is not sufficiently good. Flinching can take such forms: gasping for air suddenly, shaking of the head and visible expressions of shock, disappointment, and surprise. However, as offeror you can overcome flinching technique by sticking to your initial request and avoiding statements such as, lets now look the costs because they can force you into concessions. On the other hand, offerees can neutralize ‘flinching’ by using questions to get to the bottom of the proposed terms to determine if the other party is trying pulling a fast one or is being honest with the stated


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