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Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Security Essentials DB 4.3.

The world today faces many types of crimes in this age of the computer. The number of hackers driven by the urge to steal and embezzle funds is on the rise. In addition, computer crimes get more sophisticated with hackers working in organized groups to steal credit information, military secrets, funds and information pertaining to personal identity.

Due to the prevalence of such crimes, IT security professionals spend much time dealing with the criminal aspects of the legislation than civil issues.

Civil laws have limited connection to the security profession. It is because many civil cases concern intellectual property laws, which include trade secrets, trademarks, patents and copyrights. In several instances, these civil laws serve to protect the value of the corporation and other professional may handle them. The aspects governed by the civil laws were vital before the computer age. However, they do not engage security experts intensely in the contemporary issues facing firms today. Therefore, the criminal aspects of the law directly touch on the security profession in the modern word of


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