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Write a 1 page essay on Electronic frontier.

The giants who own the market in the digital world try to kill any competition that they get but this can no longer be done as I can simply challenge any of the plea with the use of the EFF. With the help of the organization I can make sure that my circle of privacy is not violated by the state authorities. I can make a fine line when I want to be anonymous on the internet and express my views accordingly. With the help of EFF I believe that I can challenge anyone who finds my anonymity illegal or tries to find my identity and threaten me in any case. If I find out that anyone is trespassing the line of my privacy I can always approach the organization and inform my government regarding the necessary issues so as to avoid any legal repercussions. I believe that I can protect my privacy to the fullest of extent if given the knowledge provided by the organization. The newest technology allows one to detect when anyone is trying malinger against you or is trying to impose something that I may not have even done. My information and logs should not be accessed by any given company unless they have issues of national security against


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