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An Australian bank is installing a DSS for human resources, budget preparation and expense monitoring. This bank has thirty branches in Australia. Each branch has human resources, budget preparation and an expense monitoring section. The banks headquarter located in Sydney and it is currently looking to creating a data warehouse for the DSS of the bank. The data warehouse once created and completed will contain the human resources, budget preparation, expense monitoring, as well details of all customers and their transaction and the details of all bank products offered of all branches. In addition, the bank has two research centres and six call centres. All the data received by call recorded by centres are also included in the data warehouse. The research centres perform research on customer satisfaction and product offering for the bank. Prepare a diagram that shows how the DSS will be distributed to all employees of the bank at human resources, budget preparation, expense monitoring, research centres. Comment on the data and its sources for such a DSS. Suggest what decisions could be supported at each managerial level. Explain how OLAP can be utilized effectively by the bank.


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