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I have a discussion due tomorrow and I am at odds of what the focus should be because of how broad the subject is. Our labs have covered the differences in cells, cellular metabolism/growth, differences of genotype and phenotype and dominate genes being passed to offspring.

This is what the instructions are for the discussion and I just needed help on what to write about. Sorry if this isn’t a straight forward question/answer.

Do you have some pointers for your fellow students about a good source of lab supplies or how to avoid a mistake that you made? Perhaps a lab stimulated you to do some investigations of your own or you have read a relevant scientific article that you would like to share. Maybe you just want to compare some of your experimental observations. This is the place to post about it!

Conducting scientific research online can be difficult due to the mass of bunk science on the web. In general use known information sources or stick with .edu sites or use the NU online library to access scientific journals. Wikipedia (which tends to get corrected) can also be used, but do not rely on it exclusively. Here are some fun online science news sources:


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