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When leaders work collaboratively with other team members making them feel responsible and encouraging them to actively participate, I feel that it would result in the team producing better results and the goals would be accomplished on time. With reference to Chapter 8 “Leading Small Groups: Practical Tips”, my advice to a prospective member of a problem-solving or decision-making group would be that when they are in the role of a leader, they ensure that there is effective communication between all the members of the team. Based on my previous experience of working in group projects I have realized that communication is the key to effective working and team building in groups. In one particular group project that I was working on, the topic was divided into smaller sections and each member was to present their findings after a few weeks. Unfortunately, due to lack of proper communication, two members of the group spent a lot of time researching the same topic resulting in a significant waste of time and causing resentment among the team members.


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