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Need an argumentative essay on Division of Labor Encourages Social Equity. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

However, such happiness may not yet be full to a lot of people nowadays and this is because of the social inequality that presses hardly on them. There are a few who become very proficient in a lot of studies simply because they are able to go to good schools, concentrate in their studies and acquire knowledge, trainings, skills and experiences. These bring them nearer to better and more jobs with very high salaries, concentrating the promising jobs on the chosen few. There are others who are very talented but do not have the necessary education and their talents are not honed and not used. They tend to get a job or nothing at all because they are not academically qualified. This situation further increases the social gaps. From the circumstances discussed earlier, it could be seen that if there is division of labor, there will be distribution of wealth. When workers who are not academically qualified are seen to be able to do certain jobs, trainings should be provided for them so that they will be able to get jobs where they could be paid accordingly.


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