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Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Japanese Imperialism: War and Depression.

In very simple terms, the Japanese economy was dependent upon foreign trade because the nation’s industrial output far exceeded domestic demand. Accordingly, its international trading relationships were the cornerstone of domestic prosperity and as world trade began collapsing as the result of the global depression,

the country had nowhere to turn. Political leadership figured out very quickly that if steps were not proactively taken to restore foreign trade on a significant scale, the country would suffer a devastating economic crisis. At this point, Japan would consider all options.

It is general knowledge that one of the fastest ways to overcome domestic economic efficiencies is to engage in a foreign war. War-time economies ramp up domestic production and, in the case of imperialistic expansion, vanquished foes provide valuable natural resources and developmental possibilities. Given the political and military mindset of the Japanese during this era, imperialism and warfare would logically provide the necessary economic stimulus to get the nation back on track.


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