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Write a function that implements the Triangle Classification Algorithm.

The Triangle Classification Algorithm accepts three integer lengths and it returns a 1, 2, 3, or 4. The three lengths represent possible lengths to the sides of a triangle. Returning a 1 means that the lengths would form a scalene triangle. Returning a 2 means that the sides would form an isosceles triangle. Returning a 3 means that the sides would form an equilateral triangle. Returning a 4 means that the sides cannot form a triangle. For example, sides 1, 1, and 10 cannot form a triangle.

Below you will find a control flow graph of the algorithm. The brackets in the graph [ and ] are just there as a means of referencing each condition. Also, the || symbol is or. The top oval says, “Read i, j, k”. These variables should be passed in as parameters to your function. The second oval is equivalent to

if i <= 0 or j <= 0 or k <= 0

Write a function for the implementation of the Triangle Classification Algorithm. Also, Write a program that uses the function. This program should ask the user to enter the three lengths, and it returns the result of calling the function.


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