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However, the real live Ryan wandered into an allied command center a few days after the invasion. He was not the object of a search party, and did not directly cause the conflict of man vs. mission portrayed by Tom Hanks as Captain . Rather, his story became the backdrop to create the images which were built for the silver screen. His BIs stHis His sotry His story 5h5s 1f23a-1f23sa1f23sa1f23-sa1f23-sa1f23-sa1f23-sastory allowed director Steven Spielberg to tell a much larger story of the bravery and humanity of the men who fought and died in order to establish the D-Day beachhead, and begin the ending of a War which was consuming the world.

This cast for this film was lead by Tom Hanks, and with few cameo appearances by other strong leads, the rest of the cast was filled by relatively unknown actors. This approach to this film is an accurate reflection of the war itself, with a few strong men leading squads of unknown, nameless GI’s across the European continent. The film covered the first few days of the D-Day landing and march inland, and is masterfully told.


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