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-Normally DNA is replicated during the S phase of cell cycle and the process is highly regulated. Suppose, normal cells produce protein A, which increases in concentration in S phase. If the cells have a mutated copy of the gene for protein A, replication continues throughout the cell cycle, being no more limited to the S phase. Protein B is normally present in the beginning of S phase, but disappears gradually during the later part of S phase. When cells have a mutated copy of gene for protein A, protein B does not disappear and remains high throughout the cell cycle. When the gene for protein B is mutated; no replication happens. Propose a mechanism that would explain how protein A and B might normally regulate replication and how their mutation affects the process. -What are the different packaging steps involved to package a fully extended DNA to a highly condensed mitotic chromosomes?-Why DNA polymerase I was suspected not to be the chief enzyme in in-vivo DNA replication?

Solution:1. As the case you had given the A protein will makes the S phase as longer andthe B is the protein that will aid in the unwinding of the DNA strand andinitiates the replication process…


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